The simplest way to keep up with everything. Period.

Friends & Family

At the touch of a single button send a Sup to your friends and family. They respond to your Sup with a text message, image, six-second video or their location, also with one touch. Simple.


Need to brag about something but can't wait for someone to Sup you? No problem. You can broadcast your status to the public, and anyone with you in their contacts can see it. Let the likes and responses begin!


Need to keep track of a celebrity but aren't on twitter? Keep missing your favourite YouTuber's uploads? Tell us what you care about and Channels will send you a broadcast when something interesting is going on with them!


Need to talk but don't have the energy to carry out a full conversation? OCDs require you to delete all WhatsApp conversations? SmallTalk lets you engage in short-lived conversations with friends. At any given time, only one message from you and your friend is active, and for at most 24 hours.